About The Principality of Onesia

Those of the Principality are a strong, fierce people. They keep themselves very closely tied with their religion and views. Formed by Zakariyya al-Vohra. They have sought to bring prosperity and peace to the dunelands. Having come from a fierce warrior tribe Zakariyya asserted his dominance early in the making of the Sultanate, earning his place as Sultan. He was quick to appoint a Kazasker (adviser), Aldemir al-Azizi and Sarasker (general),Olus al-Hassan, who have worked with him to develop their lands. Now, with al-Kahra being their fortified capitol they look onward to their prophecies, and to uniting the world under Onesium and his guidance.

The Founding

Within the first days of Zakariyya, Aldemir, and Olus building their first home directly next to a beautiful desert oasis, a man dressed in white robes, with a beard and rather dirty-looking white hair approached. The man introduced himself as Doros Theognis, a prophet with the intent to Spread the word of Onesium, the true God. Doros informed the settlers of a blessing that would bare gifts. Doros then left the newly founded Principality. No more than two work-filled days a small ruin was found within the waters of the oasis. A container held a book titled The Dunebook which is also referred to as The Duneland Prophecy. Zakariyya Al-Vohra after find the book, assumed the role of Dunelord.

The Dunebook

The Dunebook contains the prophecy that would soon change the intentions of the Principality of Onesia.

"The man who dons the crown of the everlasting Dunes, is, by divine right, lord paramount of all the Dunelands. Those who resist the rules of the Crown of the Dunelands shall perish in fire and blood. By prophecy, the Dunelord must unite the world against the coming darkness, for only the strong and resolute will survive the chaos to come. Whether by pen, or by the sword, the world must join the fold under the eternal sun; with the Dunelord at the vanguard."

The Revision

Nearly 3 years after the formation and naming of Maridyya Sultanate, Zakariyya, Aldemir, and Olus agreed to change the name and banner of the nation in order to better represent the overarching involvement of the Onesian Faith in the Sultanate's political stances. Maridyya Sultanate was then renamed to the Principality of Onesia. The Revision displayed strength, unity, and uniformity to the rest of the realm ensuring the Principality is respected and feared.

Cities of Onesia

The principality of Onesia occupies different cities in the dunes, each serving their own purpose. All cities were engineered and designed by the Principality's Senior Engineer, Kazasker Aldemir al-Azizi.


As mentioned above, al-Kahra is the capitol city of the Principality of Onesia. al-Kahra houses key figures of the Principality such as Sultan/Dunelord Zakariyya al-Vohra, Dorium Olus al-Hassan, and Kazasker Aldemir al-Azizi. al-Kahra is very centralized in the desert which allows the Principality to easily transport and store goods mid transport between cities and nations.