250px-Angus McBride - Petty dwarves

The Great Dwarven Migration, like the name suggests, was a period in which great hosts of dwarves began to land all over the coasts of Eldar during the 7th year of the First Age. Many of these dwarves were displaced or fled from their homelands to escape war and suffering. In order to survive on Eldar, several different groups of dwarf migrants banded together and formed temporary forts of stone along the coastal regions of the Great Plains and the northern mountains. Several months after the start of the great migration, a prominent dwarf known as Dwonmumli Anvilmace rallied his people in search of new , richer lands. Hundreds of dwarves, followed him south into the forests of Foeshire, where they decided to settle. Construction began on a castle which would act as a bastion of protection for all dwarves of Eldar, known as Rumgar Castle. Soon after, Dwonmumli was crowned the king of the newly established Kingdom of Helgrun by his followers.