Founded in 7 F.A. The Kingdom of Helgrun was an all Dwarven Kingdom lead by Dwonmumli Anvilmace. It held the great castle of Rumgar and shared the forests of Foeshire and the mountains of Vollengraf.

Died 10 F.A.



The Kingdom of Helgrun was made when King Dwonmumli Anvilmace united the Dwarves of Eldar under a single banner. Dwonmumli's Steward Castle, was in charge of most the of construction and agriculture of the first settlement, outside of Kulmania. Soon though as more and more outsiders made their way to Helgrun, King Dwonmumli decided there was too many eyes and potential foes around them, including Kulmania and Elanri.

The First Migration

Soon after the first settlement was nearly complete, the Dwarves of Helgrun were beginning to show their hatred for where they lived and conditions they were in. King Dwonmumli shared their feelings and rode out to find a new place to call home. After many days and nights searching for land to claim, Dwonmumli came across a valley surrounded by mountains on all sides, completely safe from any and all outside forces. The Dwarves quickly moved in and began to build a castle inside the valley. But quickly a problem arose, the lack of outside connection meant zero trade, which was their main source of food. Once again, their home's problems were too much.

The Great Dwarven Migration

The Great Dwarven Migration like the name implies was the bigge and most important migration of the entire history of Eldar. This would mark the last time Helgrun would move its land. Enlisting the help of an Orc who knew the land better than the Dwavres, the Orc pointed to a location in between the County of Vollengraff and the Kingdom of Foeshire. Having spoken to the leader of each faction and being on good terms with each, Dwonmumli did not assume there would be any issues with where the Dwarves would be settling. This was a mistake, as the land the Dwarves had claimed were too close to Vollengraff's precious mountains and Foeshire's valuable forests in each of their eyes. Tensions began to rise between each faction, no one wanted war, but they were all ready if push came to shove.