Basic Information

Constantine Farm is owned and managed solely by Dennis Constantine. It is located on the southern side of the island directly on the sea cliffs. It's main products are Wool, Dyes, Wheat, and other basic farm goods. While mainly a farm Dennis also has a fairly large mine located on the cliffside. This is necessary for the construction of the farms fortifications.

Castle Constantine

While a farm, Dennis Constantine (previously a highly skilled mason) has constructed considerable fortification around his farm. First a fort was constructed to secure the valuables of the farm. This was in response to tales of mercenaries and raiders in the early months on the island. Since then a wall has also been erected around the entire farm to further deter hostile actions. This appears to have been effective since as of writing this no hostile action has ever been taken against Constantine Farms.


Dennis Constantine is currently strong allies with Principality of Onesia as they are his only trade partner. Additionally, they are in an active defensive pact. This alliance was formed mainly to allow Principality of Onesia to have a reason to take part in "Greenland" politics.